American Railway Exit Train

A freight train derailed near St. Louis in Illinois, USA, causing a fire in the area.

A freight train allegedly carrying some kind of flammable liquid was derailed in Illinois on Tuesday.

The incident caused fires and heavy black smoke to sky as well as evacuating schools and homes in the area.

Initial information indicates that the tank that first caught fire contained a flammable liquid called methyl isobutyl ketone, which is used as a solvent.

Launching Umrah Singh on a limited basisLaunching Umrah Singh on a limited basis

Representative of the supreme leader in the pilgrimage: Umrah al-Mufradah is limited in scope.
Umrah al-Mufradah is set up in a limited way. "The reason for the restriction is the lack of communication infrastructure between the two countries, which we hope will solve the problem in the near future, and we will see more pilgrims in the land of revelation," said Hojjatoleslam Nawab, a representative of the Wali Faqih in the Hajj and pilgrimage organization.

Japanese Hokkaido 6.2 Richter shook

Japan's Meteorological Center announced a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Hokkaido province.
According to the news network,
According to the Japan Meteorological Center, at 12:22, today (Saturday), a local earthquake of 6.2 magnitudes hit the Hokkaido province.
The focal point of the earthquake is at a depth of 10 kilometers and is 42.1 degrees north latitude and 146.8 degrees east longitude.
Shinva news agency said: "There has not been a warning about the possible occurrence of a tsunami in the quake-stricken areas."

The beginning of 2019 is from the easternmost region of the earth

The beginning of 2019 is from the easternmost region of the earth

The year 2019, from the easternmost point of the globe, began in the Tonga area in the South Pacific.

 The Tonga archipelago with a total area of ​​748 square kilometers and a population of over 100,000 is located between New Zealand and Hawaii. Thereafter, the Republic of Cribatti and the independent state of Samoa, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and most of the other territories will enter New Year.

The last area to enter the New Year will be the Hawaii Honolulu area and the Pacific Ocean United States Baker Island.

In 2018, the world witnessed many changes, events and challenges that some of these challenges will be transmitted to 2019 as issues facing humanity.

In 2018, we witnessed developments in political geography in the eastern region, the meeting between the two Korean leaders, as well as the historic visit of the President of the United States and the North Korean leader in Singapore.

Otherwise, in 2018, the political and economic tensions between Washington and its long-standing allies in Europe, in particular the imposition of customs tariffs, as well as the Beijing-Battle Trade, can be seen as continuing in 2019.

The controversial and unilateral withdrawal of Iran from Iran's nuclear deal in May 2018, May 18, 2009, which was faced with widespread international responses; another major development that was anticipated in the past year; the effects of this US action; The future will continue.

The beginning of the payment of foreign exchange insurance indemnity to the survivors of Sanchi

The National Iranian Oil Tank Company began the process of paying P & I insurance payments to the survivors of the Sanchi accident.
 After a long time since the incident of the Sanchi ship in the waters of China, read now:
Captain Alireza Nozari added: "On Sunday, September 11, family IDs and related administrative procedures began to be received, and the families will receive a share of P & I insurance compensation directly from the company in the next few days, in accordance with the collective agreement They will be among the company and the Iranian Commercial Merchandise Trade Union.
He said that the compensation would be paid on the basis of the currency accepted in the US-US-based collective agreement, and that all ship personnel, regardless of their position of employment and nationality , The damages will be fully paid.
Captain Nozari said that one of the reasons for prolonging the payment process was to get the necessary permits to pay physically and banknotes, and the second reason was to Issues of inheritance monopoly return.
He emphasized that, according to the domestic laws and international insurance law, compensation for those family members who did not have a monopoly of inheritance until the time of their legal affairs is not possible.